When you are at the hospital, your mind focuses on the well-being of you, your family, or your loved ones. You trust the staff and equipment to properly do its job that you might not even think about hospital building itself. Everything that goes into the planning and architecture of the hospital has a purpose, from the lights in the ceiling to the hospital floor at your feet.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems understands the unique flooring needs of the hospital and healthcare industry. As West Michigan’s premier flooring company, our products meet every requirement.

Our floors are sanitary and easy to clean. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems are non-porous and have no grout lines, so hospital hygiene and infection control protocols are easy to follow. Not only that but out floors are incredibly durable. Xtreme’s hospital flooring systems are designed to stand up to heavy traffic – from pacing feet, wheelchairs, wheeled equipment, meal, and med carts, as well as wheeled gurneys and beds.

A new floor from Xtreme Engineered FLooring Systems is also attractive. Hospital flooring can contribute to the overall atmosphere of the facility, adding warmth to some areas and having a fresh feeling in others, welcoming, calming and soothing.

Just as patients depend on their nurses and doctors, you can rely on Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for all your healthcare and hospital flooring needs. Call Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems today at 1-800-234-8208 to learn more about how you can upgrade your hospital and healthcare flooring.

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