When you need to finally upgrade or look for a new flooring style for your home or business, the number of options might be overwhelming. No matter what floor style you need, when you choose Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, you can be sure that you will receive an industrial strength, an easy-to-clean floor that can be as subtle or bold as you’d like.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems offers floor coatings that can enhance your industrial, educational, or commercial space. We offer durable, high gloss floor coatings that retain their shine and don’t break down over the years. With simple upkeep, you can ensure these floors last. To keep your floors clean, you need a mop and simple cleaning solution machine scrubber. Our floor coatings come in many different colors and finish options.

Do you have new or existing concrete floors? Then opt for concrete polishing. Our permanently shiny concrete polish is an extremely durable solution. After you decide on what color you would like, we deliver a complete treatment of concrete sealer, hardener, and densifier. Because of these steps, your floor will have an increased resistance to impacts, abrasions, and spills. When that unfortunate mess is made though, you still only need a mop or machine scrubber to clean it up.

If you need more options before you make up your mind, or need to see a finished product before you install, then stop by the showroom at Xtreme Engineered Flooring Systems, located at 3303 Hudson Trails Drive in Hudsonville.