DIY experts recommend wearing a good charcoal respirator (not just a dust mask) when removing old carpet, and there’s a very important reason for this. Even with regular vacuuming, carpets are dust magnets, and carpet removal is always a dusty job. In addition to regular household dust (and lots of it), there is the potential to release mold spores, fungi, and bacteria into the air as well. In addition to triggering asthma attacks, carpet dust can cause allergy flair ups and skin irritations.

Once the carpet is pulled up, rolled up, and carried out of the building, you have to take care of all that yuck you’ve found underneath the carpeting. This can range from padding which contains even more dust (and also has to be removed), to glops of old carpet adhesives, to tack strips and staples, and more.

Now the good news…

With over 30 years of experience in the West Michigan flooring industry, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems knows how to remove old carpet quickly, efficiently, and cleanly.

We arrive with all the equipment needed – including ride-on carpet removal machines and floor strippers – to do the job properly. And when we’re finished, the carpeting, padding, staples, adhesives, old floor coatings, and even all the dust has been removed and disposed of. You’re left with a clean subfloor that is ready for your new flooring installation.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is West Michigan’s local flooring expert. Why spend your valuable time removing old carpet? Schedule your expert carpet removal today with Xtreme.