According to the National Floor Safety Institute, nearly a quarter of slip and fall incidents result in more than a month away from work, and slips and falls are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims at 85 percent. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is serious about keeping your customers and employees safe, which is why we provide slip-resistant workplace flooring.

Every floor we install can be made slip resistant. Some of our more popular slip-resistant finishes include the V-8 6.0 High-Performance Epoxy System and the V-8 Hybrid XT Coating. The process that we use to polish concrete floors meets ADA and OSHA slip resistance standards, and all of our slip-resistant flooring options are easy to install and maintain.

If you choose an epoxy system from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, we first apply the epoxy coating to your cement floor. Then while it is still wet, we broadcast industrial sand flint across the floor. This provides a textured, slip-resistant finish after the final epoxy coating is applied. Depending on your needs, the texture can be light or heavy.

When you need a safe, slip-resistant floor that can be installed and returned to service quickly, we recommend the V-8 Hybrid XT floor coating. With vinyl chips, mica flakes, and quartz granules as finish options, your slip-resistant floors will be both safe and look great.

If you are worried about the quality of your current flooring and the potential harm it may cause your customers and employees, then look into installing a slip-resistant floor. Give Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems a call today at 1-800-234-8208 to learn more about how easy it is to have a slip-resistant floor.

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