When combined with Xtreme’s V-8 Hybrid XT or 6.0 Epoxy floor coatings, our Platinum Color Pigment System creates a custom floor that is uniquely yours. While platinum is pure silver metal, the natural mica nanoparticles that create our Platinum Pigments come in a variety of complementary colors. Whether you choose just one color or a combination, your finished floor will be one of a kind and stunning.

Platinum Pigment Flooring design choices fall into three categories.

  1. Solid – A style where swirls and shades of a single color shine across the entire floor.
  2. Rolled – Combines multiple colors for a smooth, shiny finish with lots of depth.
  3. Blown – This style has a wispy and cloudy look featuring one or more colors.

But beauty is just the beginning of the Platinum Pigment colors are just the design aspect of your new flooring. And while the design is Xtremely essential, flooring from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is developed to be healthy and durable. The V-8 Hybrid XT combines the properties of Polyurea and Polyaspartic resins for a top-quality, industrial-strength surface. And our 100% solids 6.0 HP Epoxy floor coating is durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of a factory or warehouse.

Another Xtremely favorite aspect of flooring from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is how easy it is to maintain. To keep your Platinum Pigment floor system bright and shiny like new, all you have to do is sweep or dry mop regularly and wet mop with a gentle cleanser as needed.

Each stunning Platinum Pigment floor created by Xtreme is both beautiful and unique. Colors and effects range from a shiny silver finish that looks like a creamy, pot of melted liquid platinum to a deeper more turbulent mix of colors reminiscent of an ocean storm. Customers have described the finish as “bold, dramatic, and beyond beautiful.” Stop by the Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems showroom at 3303 Hudson Trails Drive in Hudsonville to see Platinum Pigment flooring color and finish samples and schedule your new floor today.