As the seasons change so does the condition of your flooring. In the fall, wet leaves get tracked in, and snow and ice come inside on boots in the winter. It makes sense, when this is happening, thinking about safety. In addition to slip-resistant flooring from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, now is the time to consider adding line striping for safety’s sake.

Line striping is an easy and efficient way to increase safety in automotive garages, warehouses, and industrial and manufacturing facilities. Not only can the process be quick when using our one day install Hybrid XT resin, but it saves additional money in the long run by helping reduce costly accidents, avoiding damage to valuable inventory, and preventing injuries which could result in expensive lawsuits.

What do you need to know about line striping?Add safety with line striping

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published guidelines for marking specific areas including traffic, storage, and equipment use areas. These instructions include easy to understand color coding. And when correctly positioned, they are highly visible and extremely active at increasing the safety of your facility.

The team at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is thoroughly versed in the OSHA floor marking guidelines. It doesn’t matter whether you need to score high noise areas or toxic chemical storage locations, we’re happy to help you explore line striping options for your facility. Not only will your employees be more safety conscious with new line striping in place, marking that is clear and easy to see from a distance will communicate your concern for safety to vendors and guests who frequent your facility as well.

At Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems we install line striping products that are both abrasion and chemical resistant for a durable, long-lasting, safety system. And once we’ve helped you design an OSHA compliant line striping plan, installation is fast and easy.

There’s never a good time for costly accidents that can result in damage to inventory or debilitating injuries. As the seasons change and wet and slippery floors become the norm for the next few months, it’s time to think about safety. Line striping from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is a natural, efficient, and affordable way to increase security. For more information, contact a Xtreme Floor expert today.