According to Floor Covering News, 2016 saw 19.13 billion square feet of flooring sold in the U.S. There are no two ways about it, that’s a lot of flooring. The majority (58.7%) was carpeting, with plenty of placements in the residential market. But 18.8% (almost 3.6-billion square feet) is attributed to resilient commercial flooring, including epoxy and resinous floor coatings.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems’ coatings are the ideal industrial and commercial flooring systems.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems specializes in flooring installation for chemical, industrial, educational, and commercial buildings in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and beyond and has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial flooring industry. When you combine our knowledge and experience with the latest and best floor systems and equipment on the market, you can rest assured that when Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems installs your flooring, it is done right.

When you request information or a quote, a Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems expert will do a complete analysis of your flooring needs. And we always recommend the industrial strength floor coating or polished concrete that is best for your specific needs.

V-8 Hybrid XT Resin Coating – The XT is short for Xtra tough. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems developed this product line to fill a void in the flooring industry. This 100 percent solids floor coating combines the qualities of polyuria and polyaspartic resins. With a tensile strength of 2,920 psi and a compressive strength of 9,000 psi, our V-8 Hybrid XT Coating creates a superior, durable finish.

6.0 High-Performance Epoxy Floor Coating – Designed specifically for concrete floors exposed to daily abuse, this 100% solids epoxy coating combines a resin and a hardener. The most durable flooring available, our 6.0 HP Epoxy has a tensile strength of 8100 psi and a compressive strength of 11,700 psi. With medium to heavy mil applications, both smooth and textured finishes are available.

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Industrial-Strength Floor Coating Benefits

Installation of either our V-8 Hybrid XT resin or 6.0 Epoxy floor coatings always includes proper preparation of your solid substrate surface. When fully cured, the resilient surfaces are hard, yet flexible. Also, they are:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Non-absorbent
  • Chemically resistant
  • UV-Stable
  • VOC-free
  • Color-fast
  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless

You have choices when it comes to flooring installation. Choose resilience, longevity, quality, Xperience, and Xcellence – choose Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for all your industrial, educational and commercial flooring needs.