When you think of which parts of your school sees the most foot traffic, of course you know, it’s in the hallways. Hundreds, if not thousands, of students, walk the halls to and from class but also follow those halls to the cafeteria for lunch. Improved cafeteria floors see all that traffic, but with the added assault from spills and stains.

Why not improve your school’s cafeteria floor? Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems can quickly install the best option for your school’s cafeteria floor, and even customize it with your school’s colors and mascot.

With a V-8 Hybrid Decorative Chip System, your school will have an industrial strength floor that can be installed in just one single day depending on the size of the floor. Our floors installed with our V-8 Hybrid XT resin will not yellow, and there are no VOCs so there will be no smell. This seamless resinous floor coating system meets USDA and FDA requirements for incidental food contact.

A cafeteria floor must be easy to clean, and that is what you will get with a V-8 Hybrid Decorative Chip System. Sweeping and mopping with a gentle cleanser is the only upkeep that is required, which is sure to make your maintenance staff happy.

There is no competition when it comes to a cafeteria floor from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. For more information on improving your cafeteria floor, call us today at 1-800-234-8208.