What do you see when you think of a hospital? The emergency room? An X-ray? A patient room? Each person answers this question differently based on a specific experience. And while experiences have to do primarily with personal interactions, they are all-encompassing – affected by sounds, lighting, and surroundings.

Yes, even hospital flooring has an effect on an overall experience. Think about it. Have you ever counted floor tiles? Or noticed patterns while waiting for a diagnosis or progress report?

Hospital architects, planners, and administrators recognize the importance of each decision they make, even down to flooring materials, styles, and colors. But there’s more than ambiance and atmosphere at stake here. Modern hospital equipment such as the machines used to do Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans require electrostatic discharge (ESD) and static dissipative flooring. And in labs, research centers, and surgical suites, flooring that can be easily and repeatedly sterilized is crucial.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is West Michigan’s Hospital Flooring Solution Specialists

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems understands the unique flooring needs of the hospital and healthcare industry. And as West Michigan’s premier flooring company, our products meet every requirement.

  • Sanitary & Easy to CleanResistant to stains from medical products and bodily fluids, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems are non-porous and have no grout lines so hospital hygiene and infection control protocols are easy to follow.
  • Static Resistant & Dissapative – Important research and sensitive microelectronic equipment are protected.
  • Durable – Xtreme’s hospital flooring systems are designed to stand up to heavy traffic – from pacing feet, wheelchairs, wheeled equipment, meal and med carts, as well as wheeled gurneys and beds.
  • Attractive – Hospital flooring that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the facility needs to be warm in some areas and cool in others, welcoming, calming and soothing.

You can depend on Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for all your healthcare and hospital flooring needs.


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