Grease, grime, and oil spills are ordinary and seem almost mandatory on a commercial garage floor. An oil stain can even be considered as a rite of passage or coming of age moment for your garage, and be a testament to the hard work that goes on inside. But if those oil stains are becoming and an eyesore, or worse yet a safety hazard, you might need a garage floor coating from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems.

When you or your auto shop uses a V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip system from Xtreme instead of a traditional garage floor coating, not only will your floors clean up quickly and easily, but regular maintenance will be trouble-free. A daily sweep to pick up dirt and debris and mopping with a mild cleaning solution is all it takes to make your garage flooring looking as good as new.

The V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip system is slip resistant, long lasting, and chemical resistant. Installation is quick and seamless, so there will be no cracks or crevices for dirt or grease to slip through. Plus, its professional appearance will make a lasting impression.

You do not need to settle for greasy, grimy garage floors any longer. With proper preparation, even your old, oil-stained garage floors can be covered with V-8 High-Performance Floor Coatings. Call Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems at 1-800-234-8208 today, and we can answer all your commercial garage floor coating questions.