You wouldn’t purchase a diamond ring from a guy on a street corner, would you? No, of course not. When it comes time to buy something as important as a diamond ring, you will go to a reputable and trusted jeweler. Someone who knows all about diamonds – their hardness, their faults, and their cuts. After all, a diamond is forever.

Diamond Grinding 101

One of the world’s hardest stones, diamonds measure a 10 on a scale of 1-10 according to the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, which is based on the ability of one mineral to scratch another. Because of their natural hardness, diamonds are commonly used on blades and grinders in several industries besides jewelry including:Diamond Grinding

  • IT
  • Mining
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Construction
  • Flooring

Diamond grinding is the preferred flooring preparation method.

Diamond grinding in floor preparation is, in many cases, the quickest and best option to remove contaminants from flooring surfaces. It is a swift and efficient way to correct irregularities, level flooring, and enhance surface texture and friction for maximum coating adhesion. Grinding allows coatings like urethane and paint to be removed without using dangerous and volatile chemicals. And it quickly removes old mastic, carpet and tile adhesives before installing new flooring. Also, when preparing to recoat an older epoxied surface, diamond grinding can gently abrade the existing epoxy which will allow the new epoxy to better bond with the old.

  • Advantages of diamond grinding on concrete include:
  • Ability to be used on both new and old concrete
  • Corrects irregularities such as minor pits and divots
  • Does not significantly affect the fatigue life of the concrete
  • Removes years of wear from virtually any concrete surface
  • Grinds and polishes without scaring or gouging the concrete even on cracks and expansion joints

Trust Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for Diamond Grinding

Proper surface preparation is essential to achieving a beautiful floor that lasts for years to come. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a beautiful diamond ring or installing a beautiful new floor. You want to work with a trusted expert. In West Michigan, trust Xtreme Engineered Floor System for all your diamond grinding, floor prep, and flooring installation needs.