You want your customers and clients to know exactly what to expect from your business as soon as they take that first step inside your doors. And that first step should be on your professionally installed floor featuring the custom floor graphics of your business’ identity.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems can create or reinforce your brand identity and build a company culture. Including a company logo, motto, or insignia on the floor of your business or organization will create a unique floor and a personalized and professional environment.

Installing company pride and building brand awareness are easier when your business associates and customers see your big, bold, beautiful, custom floor graphic from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems.

When using our V-8 Hybrid Floor Coating, you will know that the custom floor graphics of your business will never wear away or peel up over time. The resin floor coating is color stable and easy to clean, so your custom floor graphics will last for years and years.

Visit the Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems showroom in Hudsonville to see examples of past floor graphic projects and talk to a flooring expert about how to incorporate your company’s brand in your flooring and décor.