After pouring and setting your new concrete floors, there is one more step you should take to ensure concrete floor protection. That is where our V-8 Rev MVP comes into play, so your quick floor installation is not slowed down, and that your concrete floors will last for years to come.

V-8 Rev MVP is a fast-drying, two-part, 100-percent-solids epoxy moisture vapor protection and remediation product. It is formulated to reduce and protect against moisture vapor that is formed in either green or old concrete during mixing.

Using V-8 Rev MVP can eliminate the 28 day cure period of concrete before applying an epoxy, hybrid coating, carpet, tile, or hardwood. V-8 Rev MVP can be implemented at anytime after 24 hours of the concrete being poured and can be used either as a primer or as a stand-alone product.

Your floors will have a high gloss finish after using V-8 Rev MVP with excellent UV resistance. It complies with USDA requirements and meets VOC standards. After using V-8 Rev MVP, your floors will be open to foot traffic in as little as three hours.

There is no need to shut your business down for days with a quick floor installation from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, and you can be comfortable knowing that your concrete floors will be well protected when using our V-8 Rev MVP. Call the professionals at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems at 1-800-234-8208 for more information.