Is it Time to Clean Your Factory Floors?

Industrial floors get a lot of traffic, both from foot traffic and machine traffic. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems’ very own Xtreme Clean is your solution.

Let Us Help Renovate Your Home

After you have made the decision to start home renovations, you will know exactly what color you want the walls or the type of faucet.

Custom Flooring Can Improve the Appearance of Your Business

Sometimes, you want to make a statement. You want to be different from everyone else out there. You want to stand up and stand out. In West Michigan, you can stand out and make that statement with custom flooring from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems.

OSHA Line Striping Guidelines & Recommendations

Line striping on floors allows traffic lanes, aisles, work, and storage areas to be marked to help identify their purposes and notify employees of the need to be cautious or to keep clear for safe operations.

What’s Under Your Carpet? Yuck!

DIY experts recommend wearing a good charcoal respirator (not just a dust mask) when removing old carpet, and there’s a very important reason for this. Even with regular vacuuming, what’s under your carpet is a mixture of dust magnets.